Oriental Press expanded its security printing division to encompass advance printing and finishing facilities. Decades of experience backed by innovative technology mean we can accomplish world-class security printing assignments.

Oriental Press was one of the first companies to introduce financial printing to the Gulf region. We have worked hard to hone our security printing to perfection and by implementing a mix of technologies we can deliver a finished product that will give you peace of mind your documentation is fully protected.


Our comprehensive range of security features enable us to come up with client-specific, innovative technological solutions to combat forgery and counterfeiting. We guarantee confidentiality and all products are finished under strict security measures in accordance with international standards.


We provide documents and secure print solutions including:

• Cheques and bank drafts

• Certificate printing

• Gift voucher printing

• Security documents

• Security inks

• Insurance Documentation

• RFID technology


Through decades of experience, backed by innovative technology, we can deliver a product that will give you the confidence your documentation is fully protected.

We use complex and proven security features for personalising base stock and creating unique designs.

Cheques and bank drafts

At Oriental Press we are leaders in the field of secure cheque printing. We are a provider of pre-printed cheques and cheque books, to blue chip companies and banks.


We provide advice, consultation, support, and training on best practice and cheque infilling, along with secure cheque printing software solutions.


For personalising base stock or creating unique cheque designs, all Oriental Press supplied cheques use highly complex and proven security features including holograms, security inks, controlled security papers, and security toner adhesion.


Oriental Press combines 30 years’ experience with the latest technology to create cheques and cheque books with exceptional security features that build on your corporate brand.

Certificate printing

With document fraud on the increase and mounting problems of identity theft, it is vital that your certificates are highly secure and efficiently authenticated.


Educational Institutes from around the world trust Oriental Press to produce their degree certificates using sophisticated holograms, controlled watermarked papers, state-of-the-art security print designs and complex verifiable numbering matrices.


Our design team will create striking new designs to complement your corporate guidelines.

Security documents

Oriental Press can offer a complete range of secure documents and solutions. We can use holograms, watermark papers, security inks, and machine readable taggants to develop a high security bespoke solution for all your documents and packaging.


Oriental Press can provide secure solutions on a wide range of products:

• Certificates

• Receipts

• Insurance documents

• Airline tickets

• Tickets

• Postage stamps including a self

adhesive range

• Warranty certificates

• Cheques and drafts

• Multi-purpose security documents

• Degree certificates

• University transcripts and offer letters

• Packaging

• Parking permits

• Birth / death certificates

• Railway tickets

Gift voucher printing

Gift vouchers have value and need to be protected with high quality security print features.


Oriental Press has more than 30 years experience supplying cheques, certificates, gift cards and gift voucher printing using holograms, high security inks and controlled watermarked papers.


Our secure gift vouchers will reinforce your brand and create a demand for your products.


Oriental Press security vouchers are designed using:

• Holograms

• Holographic foils

• Complex variable data matrices

• Controlled watermarked papers

• Security and tamper-evident Inks


We are proud to be a provider of security print solutions to international blue chip companies and worldwide organisations.

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